Who We Are

District 24 was founded in 1974 and is comprised of three Local Lodges. We service members in industries such as Aerospace, Truck Manufacturing, Automotive Repair, General Manufacturing and Public Employees throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington. In January of 2011, District 24 merged with Woodworkers District Lodge W1 and is now named District W24.

Woodworkers District Lodge W1, (formerly International Woodworkers of America, U.S.), is a division of International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. We are a wood products labor union primarily representing members in logging, sawmills, plywood, particleboard, pole yards, sort yards, dock workers and tree farm operations.AutoTruckTransport_2

However, we are a diversified District representing workers in industries such as microbrew, manufacturing of styrofoam containers, prefab homes, and flight training for the Defense Industry. We also represent Service Industry Workers in the areas of Deputy Sheriffs, Corrections Support Staff, City Public Works Department, Prosecuting Attorneys, church employees and health care employees.

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